Cartomancy Reading #1

cartomancy 5 spades 4 hearts J diamonds

Entering and staying in a good phase

Taking a quick glance at the colours of the cards, we get the overall impression that things are going to get better, not just in the future but quite soon if not immediately.

The reading starts with the Five of Spades, the five signifying growth at home and in things that are already formed, but as itʼs a Spade this is a problem with development and could mean thereʼs some kind of stagnation going on. With the focus on the Five of Spades and the influence of the Four of Hearts, we have the stability of the four with love and warmth of the Heart coming to bear on this problem. This is not a bad thing – it looks like whatever is getting stuck somewhere is going to be helped with loved ones at home.

With the focus on the Four of Hearts and with the influence of the Jack of Diamonds we know that there is a young person involved who is responsible for this stability and help. This could be an outside influence or could be a member of the family. If itʼs an outside influence then their help could be monetary, and if itʼs family then their powerful influence could be of the helping and healing kind.

The Jack could also be news, possibly involving a young person, that is part of this helping and stabilising Four of Hearts. It could be that news will come from someone that is expected but has yet to be known, and it is this that alleviates the symptoms of the Five of Spades.

There are no Clubs in this reading, so itʼs definitely nothing to do with work problems. It all appears to be a bit of a problem with home life that works out well in the end.

Other things to bear in mind:

The first two card add up to nine, the number of things speeding up to completion. This adds to the idea that things will be resolved successfully.

* Extract taken from Cartomancy – Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

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