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Palmistry, Graphology & Cartomancy Podcasts

We have a selection of FREE cold reading podcasts available for you, discussing palmistry, graphology and cartomancy. These are taken directly from the text of their accompanying books, with the added addition of a message at the end of each one.

To remove the messages, and to take advantage of each unique system that includes the book, flash cards and audio, we recommend you purchase these products from our store. You cannot learn from the podcasts alone; each system is designed to enable you to get up to speed on each of these skills in records time. We don’t call it ‘Speed Learning’ for nothing!

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You can purchase the palmistry, graphology and cartomancy books direct from us, as well as books on numerology, star signs and our most famous book, The James Bond Cold Reading.

What is cold reading? Who are you people?

If you’re not sure what cold reading is, or wonder how The Cold Reading Company came about, the following links may help:
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Palmistry Podcast

This palmistry podcast is taken directly from the book ‘Speed Learning Palmistry – Palm Readings In Your Own Words’ by Julian Moore available in hard copy, ebook and PDF. The full system comprises the book, flash cards and this audio. The podcast version has messages at the end of every section; once you buy the full product you will receive the audio with the messages removed, allowing you to listen to the audio on any device of your choosing.

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