Frequently Asked Questions

When you download from this site, your book and its accompanying material will be compressed into a zip file. Once you open up / decompress this zip file you will have access to its contents, usually a PDF of the book itself and, depending on the product, a PDF of flash cards and even some audio files.

For this reason it is best you download your purchases from this site onto a computer rather than a phone or tablet so you can unzip the files easily and decide what to do with them and how you want to use them later.


Most of our cold reading books rely on flash cards to help teach the material within the books. These are PDF downloads that you can print out yourself or read on a device of your choosing once you’ve downloaded them.

If you buy a book direct from this site, the flash cards will be included in your download. If you buy a digital or print book from a third party such as Amazon you will receive the flash cards once you have registered your book using the link provided in the book.

The flash cards are designed to be printed onto index cards that you can buy from any stationery store. Some people print them out and keep a set in their back pocket so they can practice on the fly. Other people like viewing the PDF on their phone or tablet. Some people use the printed cards when they’re giving their first readings, to help them remember what to say as they go.

It’s up to you how you use them, but one thing is for sure; using the flash cards is a key component to learning the majority of these systems fast, and without utilising the flash cards fully you have an incomplete product.

We DO NOT ship physical flash cards, although we may consider it in the future.

Print books bought from Amazon DO NOT come with physical flash cards or audio; you still have to register your book and download the flash cards and audio as if you had bought a digital product. Amazon have no means for us to bundle extra physical products with physical books sales, even though we’d like to!


Tick sheets are only available for our Palmistry and Graphology books and are totally separate products. Tick sheets do not come as standard with either book and are an optional extra. Tick sheets are download only; it’s up to you to print them out as you see fit. Some people do this at home, quite a few people take them to their local stationers and have them printed in bulk. It’s up to you.

Traditionally, a tick sheet is a physical sheet of paper that a reader fills in during a reading; it serves as a memory aid for the reader, and also leaves the client with a memento of the reading.

Our tick sheets are designed to be printed onto greeting card stock and have been carefully designed around each system. Not only that, they look impressive so are great for getting repeat work and spreading the word about what you do.

As premium products our tick sheets are somewhat more expensive than the other products on this site, but the good news is that each tick sheet comes bundled with its own respective book PDF! If you buy the palmistry tick sheet it comes with the palmistry book, flash cards and audio, and if you buy the graphology tick sheet it comes with the palmistry book, flash cards and audio.

We DO NOT ship physical tick sheets, although we may consider it in the future.

It all depends what you want to do and how much flexibility you want with your purchase. Our prices reflect the amount of freedom you have with your book purchase.

Purchases for Kindle, Apple iTunes and Kobo are priced lower than the direct PDF downloads we sell from this site, to reflect the fact that you have a lot more freedom with a PDF than with an epub ebook trapped on your Kindle, Kobo or phone. If you buy a Kindle / Apple iTunes / Kobo version of one of our books you will only be able to read it from that device. However, you will still be able to register your product and download any accompanying flash cards and / or audio to your computer to use alongside your book purchase.

In fact, with Kindle, Apple iTunes and Kobo purchases it is even more important that you register your book and download this extra material as on the less glamorous ereaders such as the original Kindle and the Paperwhite, graphics are not a priority and you’ll need the flash cards to learn each system thoroughly and as intended. On the more modern Kindles your mileage may vary but as we said earlier; if you’re not using the flash cards and audio with any of our books, you’re missing the full product.

Yes! When you first purchase something from this site will be asked to create an account, enabling you to come back at any time to access your previous purchases. Simply login to check your past orders and downloads.

If you’re still confused about a product or want to ask us a question, please get in touch.