The Graphology Golf Analogy

golfer handwriting analysis

The letter T is one of the most significant letters in graphology and is an indicator of ones overall demeanor. The letter I is similar but also brings with it the idea of precision and attainment.

By using these two letters together we have an indicator of how someone goes about achieving their goals and if they are successful.

In modern graphology the crossing of the T is said to show how someone approaches life:

Also, the dotting of the I shows a person’s attention to detail:

handwriting dotting the i

Reading into these letters can still be quite tricky and this is why I use some- thing I call The Golf Analogy.

 The Graphology Golf Analogy

By using The Graphology Golf Analogy with the letter T and the letter I the whole phrase becomes the fairway / golf course.

Imagine that the letter T represents the golfer and the crossing of the T represents his swing (easily remembered as this is the Tee Shot)

Imagine that the stem of the letter I represents the flag on the golfing green where the hole is.

Imagine that the the dot of the I represents the golf ball.

Whether you like golf or not, the way someone swings at the ball can tell us something about the way the golfer approaches life, and his accuracy in getting the ball near the hole (flag) shows us something about his ability to reach his goals.

Does he aim ridiculously high and overshoot? Or take a small but direct shot and get a hole in one? Does the ball miss the mark even though he hit the ball with great strength, or does it land very close to the flag against all odds after having been driven into the ground?

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