Palmistry - Palm Readings In Your Own Words Interactive iPad / IOS Edition


The Best Just Got Better!

New iPad Interactive edition featuring over 90 minutes of audio, 22 minutes of video and more than 100 quizzes, full colour graphics, hand examples and 4 full readings with explanations spanning over 100 pages. This book has been rewritten from the ground up exclusively for iPad and now includes everything you need to learn palmistry from the get go!

Unlike most palmistry books that talk very little about giving readings, Palmistry – Palm Reading In Your Own Words iPad Interactive Edition focuses on the realities of giving a palm reading to another person. Using a ten-step flash card system that is fun to learn and easy to remember, Julian Moore shows you how to construct a palm reading from start to finish and teaches you how to give readings that are personal, informative and fun.

Unlike many other cold reading books that force you to learn stock phrases this book helps you memorise the palmistry lines and meanings in simple terms, but teaches you how to expand on these concepts and ideas in your own words. By encouraging you to find your own voice and helping you develop your skills as a communicator, this book shows you how to give real readings that connect with people.

Although this can be impressive the technique is of little practical use in the real world; the lines are vague and hard to remember, and simply coming out with these canned statements can sound a little strange. If you want to come across as a mind reader and not a person doing a magic trick you’ll have to do better than that!

“Beautifully designed, including video clips, short quizzes and flash cards. This interactive book is a very practical work of art. Highly recommended.”


Will work on your iPad, iPhone AND Mac computer – buy it once, use it on all your Apple devices!


If you have interest in learning how to give readings, I cannot recommend Palmistry iPad Edition highly enough.

It is truly a masterful and highly practical work. Beautifully designed and user-friendly
with embedded videos clips, short quizzes and flash cards all of which
make learning easy and enjoyable.

This is now the single best resource
I have ever purchased on how to give palm readings.
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As an instructional design graduate student, I found this app to be
a brilliant implementation of modern learning strategies.

The iPad version of this book includes video clips, audio clips, flashcards, and quizzes for review, which is a proven technique for learning because of spaced repetition of information.

The information is presented in several different ways, And the repetition of information helps to cement the concepts in memory. Everything is very logical, and the book is attractively designed, very clean with easy to read text, and the video and audio recordings are incredibly professional.

I cannot imagine a better way to learn this subject apart from a live teaching workshop. Book includes bonus hands for analysis. I am actually in a masters program to learn to design instructional products, and this one is going to become a new model to emulate.

What a fantastic way to approach the subject that some may find daunting, but in this presentation
one finds to be rather straightforward and logical.

Well done!

This is a superb offering. I have been following Julian’s work for years and this interactive book is a true gem. Beautiful artwork and graphics, coupled with a straightforward way to learn palm reading. Brilliant stuff! In the past, I would have relied on numerology, palms or the Rhine Cards. Just as with Bev's palm book saving me about 5 years of study, this book is just as good and also very interesting. If you're interested in cold reading at all–this will be the best 40 bucks you'll ever spend. Hope this helps. Oh–as a side note–his system could be applied to anything else you might want to memorize and make your own. I have never heard of his techniques before and I have studied a lot of memory techniques. It's so easy I will add this to my 'readings' repertoire.

This iBook app is fantastic, I gave it a 5-star review. Highly recommended; a LOT of work went into this. It's a full multimedia course with review quizzes, video, animations and other learning strategies. Very impressive from an instructional design perspective.