Post Justify Mentalism With Post-It Notes ebook PDF


“A must have, in spite of any other billet material sitting on the shelf. Thanks so much for this stimulating, creative and unbelievably practical work.”


This 83 page ebook contains numerous mentalism techniques involving Post It Notes, each one explained in detail with OVER 100 clear photographs to help you with each step of every move.

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5th Anniversary Edition

This 83 page ebook contains numerous techniques, each one explained in detail with OVER 100 clear photographs to help you with each step of every move.

The ebook contains several innovative new ideas, as well as some twists on old ideas taking advantage of the peculiarities of Post It Notes. This is more than just a collection of peeks and switches. The ideas in this booklet could change the way you perform some of your impromptu mentalism!

So, what’s in the book?


One of the top half of a note and one of the entire contents of a note


One switch is not only cunning but it also allows an almost immediate peek of the original note, and the handling to switch back the note with no obvious moves AND an alternate handling for both.

The other is a way of switching a note that has been stuck to your person the whole time for a different note in full view of the audience, very good for walk around mentalism.


A treatise on how the folding of notes can not only help you create new effects, but change the way you approach those that you do already


A way of knowing exactly WHO has WHICH Post It note by sight alone brought about by doing nothing more than handing out notes



To illustrate the techniques in the book you get four effects, NONE of which require ANY advance preparation:

Quiz Show Post It

An imaginary quiz show involving five booby prizes and a star prize, even though you are left with the final draw you always win the star prize.

Love Hate Post It

By your senses alone you are able to tell two spectators who they love or hate, firstly by analyzing their handwriting, and then by touch alone.

Other Self

A handful of spectators write down their ‘other self’ – the side of themselves that they don’t let other people see normally on six separate Post It notes which are stuck to the wall in full view. Even though the spectators themselves have no idea of each others choices, the performer is able to match each person up with their respective ‘other’ personality.

I have been told that the effect ‘Other Self’ alone is worth the asking price of this book, after the performer in question put this effect into his act immediately.

Extra Sound Perception

An effect which uses sound reading in a very clever way, to bring this in to the realms of ‘test conditions’


Post Justify is a comprehensive treatise on how to use the humble Post-it note to perform near miracles of mentalism!

In this ebook you will discover different ways of folding Post-it notes and why each variation has its own sneaky uses. You will discover sneaky peeks using the unusual properties of the notes and some undetectible switches that border on pure genius.

There is also an incredible way of undetectibly marking the notes right under the spectators noses for use in psychometry based routines. (I wish he'd kept this one to himself it's so sneaky)

The humble Post-It note is part of todays workplace. With the knowledge in this ebook you will be able to walk into any office and perform outstanding pieces of mentalism using nothing but that innocent looking pad on the desk.

However, it doesn't stop here! Post Justify is beatifully written and comes complete with step by step photographs which mean that learning each move and subtlety is made as clear as is possible.

On top of all this, Bev gives some suggestions of how to apply all this stuff in some beautiful routines.

This is an excellent addition to the bookshelf of any working mentalist who wants to use the Post-It notes as another tool in his or her arsenal.

Got it a few days ago, and I am blown away. I, too, was a bit hesitant at first, but this is the BEST mentalism purchase I've made in a long time, and that's the truth. The folds, the switches, the tags -- when I started reading it, I was laughing out loud at the sheer brilliance of it! What I love is the care and professionalism that obviously went into it. Very practical, detailed and well laid out, with good writing and photos. Also, it's CLEAR from all sorts of small performance details that the author really knows what makes mentalism "real" for an audience. Excellent, excellent work. This is already a classic. Seth

After some hesitation, I did purchase this ebook. And, am I glad I did! I will reiterate what someone else already mentioned...that not be put off thinking that this ebook has anything to do with telling participants how safe their writing is within the sealed folds of the post-it note. The thinking behind this gem in light years beyond any such nonsense. I consider it a must have, in spite of any other billet material sitting on the shelf. Thanks so much for this stimulating, creative and unbelievably practical work.

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