Treating A Tarot Reading As One Picture



When you place a few cards out for any kind of Tarot reading, you should be aware of the way that all cards are helping create one big picture.

For instance, in this entirely random set of three cards I picked out this morning it seems to me that the person on the left is walking towards the struggle depicted in the centre card.

It also looks like one of the people in the struggle is calling out to the approaching person for help, and it appears as though it is coming!

The cloud that holds the hand of the Ace Of Swords is emanating from the fight on the left. It looks like a decisive victory, but from what? I’d be inclined to say that this is an internal battle that I’m facing as the Eight Of Cups tends to make me think of the ‘dark night of the soul’ that often happens in fiction just before the final end scene where everybody wins.

So whatever I’m struggling with, it looks like I’m going to find what I need to beat it!

One thought on “Treating A Tarot Reading As One Picture

  1. I’ve always looked at 3 cards being Past, Present, and Future, but it really makes sense to look at all three cards as one.

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