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Comes with a 47 PART AUDIOBOOK download – making learning even easier!

Cartomancy – Fortune Telling With Playing Cards is one of our best-selling books and for good reason; once you start giving playing card readings everybody wants one!

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Cartomancy Fortune Telling With Playing Cards is an incredibly fun and hands-on method for learning to give playing card readings within a matter of days.

Giving readings with playing cards is extremely common, but it’s amazing how few people know how to give a good reading using a normal pack of playing cards. We all know that hearts means love and diamonds means wealth, but what about the scary suit of swords and what on earth do clubs signify?

Cartomancy Fortune Telling With Playing Cards is jam packed with examples and you’ll learn how the suits interact with each other in ways you’d never even considered and learn how the numbers and face cards combine to allow you to give fun, informative readings with cards within only a few hours of study. Most people have a vague idea of the meanings of the cards, but with this system you’ll learn how the meaning of each card came to be in the first place – giving you a much deeper, and easier to remember, knowledge of the cards than most readers. This isn’t just any old guide book – it’s a complete rundown of how to structure a reading and how to look at the suits and numbers in a different light.

Like most of the books in the Speed Learning series this book is extremely hands on and encourages you to write the meanings on the faces of the cards as you go. As you learn first the suit meanings and then the number meanings, these scribbles will allow you to have a working deck that you can always refer back to should you get a little bit rusty or need to brush up your cartomancy knowledge in the future. Alternatively you could use your working deck and keep adding to the cards as you go, creating your own unique cartomancy deck! The choice is yours but by the time you finish this book you’ll be able to give incredibly in-depth readings using spreads that will entertain and enthral anyone who is lucky enough to meet you.

People love having their cards read and as there’s always a pack of cards to hand you’ll be free to give readings almost anywhere.

Let’s take a look at the chapters of the book:

Before we start


Chapter 1 – The Four Suits
* Diamonds and Hearts
* Clubs and Spades
* Revision: Chapter One

Chapter 2 – Putting The Suits Together
* Revision: Chapter Two

Chapter 3 – Three Card Suit Readings
* Colour readings
* Questions : Chapter Three

Chapter 4 – The Spot Cards
* Revision: Chapter Four

Chapter 5 – Deciphering the spot cards
* Revision: Chapter five


Chapter 6 – Three Card Readings

Chapter 7 – The Court Cards

Chapter 8 – Deck personality
* Which court card are you?
* Which spot cards are you?
* Which spot cards describe your current situation?
* Which spot cards describe your ‘perfect outcome’?

Chapter 9 – More on readings
* Choosing the cards
* General readings vs question readings
* Getting Unstuck
* Creating conversation

Chapter 10 – Beyond the 3 card reading
* The nine card reading
* The sevens spread
* The star spread
* Other spreads

Chapter 11 – Numerology And Other systems

Chapter 12 – Cartomancy As Language

Chapter 13 – Conclusion

At over 80 pages Cartomancy Fortune Telling With Playing Cards is not a short read but if you follow the directions and use the audio book (which is by itself in 47 parts) you’ll have an understanding of the cards which you’ll find not only invaluable for giving cartomancy readings but for giving tarot card readings too – the numerology ideas are prevalent across all these disciplines and should you move on to tarot you’ll find your knowledge of cartomancy a real bonus.

The book goes into some more abstract concepts too that will make you think hard about how the cards reflect our own lives. In Chapter 8 ‘Deck Personality’ you’ll be asked to choose cards that describe your own personality. And in Chapter 9 you’ll learn how to choose cards for other people and how to keep the conversations flowing, and find answers even when you get stuck for words.

Cartomancy Fortune Telling With Playing Cards is one of our best-selling books and for good reason; once you start giving playing card readings everybody wants one!

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Cartomancy – Fortune Telling With Playing Cards
An incredibly fun and hands-on method for learning to give playing card readings within a matter of days.
I got this yesterday and have started the study and have to say it's quite brilliant. I've read cards of one form or another for 20 years after learning initially from the Joe Riding course but for various reasons I was looking for something to help me sharpen my skills – and this more than does the trick.

For anyone who might feel that they'd rather this was on tarot I think it's worth pointing out that when I started doing readings many moons ago a number of clients would tell me of this mystical sounding old man who read from "ordinary cards". It was clear that the impression given to these women was that reading ordinary cards was somehow more skillful and impressive than tarot cards (I guess the pictures on the cards might make it obvious to some astute clients that there are highly visible cues on the cards). Playing card readings rock! – and playing cards predate tarot and are thus, in my book, purer and more mysterious than tarot.

Written by: David Numen

Cartomancy – Fortune Telling With Playing Cards
Date published: 20th June 2011

Cartomancy – Fortune Telling With Playing Cards
An incredibly fun and hands-on method for learning to give playing card readings within a matter of days.
I purchased this ebook. What a great system. Always in the easily understood clear writing format you'd expect from Julian. This is of a quality you would expect to find in a book store.

I have in the past purchased Julian's James Bond Cold Reading book and his Palm Reading book. For me this is one of the best. I find I am more in tune with numbers than the others. I always have a deck of cards and certainly the places I frequent there are cards as well.

The fact that you can use a few cards, a few more to create a simple or more complex reading is terrific. Make it as long or short as you'd like.

Julian's audio book is also top notch! Lots of valuable audio files to use while driving or sitting in a Docto