Fully interactive edition with video and audio built right into the book.

New iPad Interactive edition featuring over 90 minutes of audio, 22 minutes of video and more than 100 quizzes, full colour graphics, hand examples and 4 full readings with explanations spanning over 100 pages. This book has been rewritten from the ground up exclusively for iPad and now includes everything you need to learn palmistry from the get go!

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This product comes with ten downloadable FLASHCARDS and AUDIOBOOK – making learning even easier!

Unlike most palmistry books that talk very little about giving readings, Palmistry In Your Own Words focuses on the realities of giving a palm reading to another person.

Using a ten-step flash card system that is fun to learn and easy to remember, Julian Moore shows you how to construct a palm reading from start to finish and teaches you how to give readings that are personal, informative and fun.

The flash cards correspond with each chapter and are available to download as a PDF file once you register your copy of the book. You can print them onto index cards to keep in your back pocket for learning on the go, or upload them to your phone and swipe through them whenever you like – great for last minute revision before giving a real-life palm reading!

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This product comes with ten downloadable FLASHCARDS and AUDIOBOOK – making learning even easier!

Imagine you could ask anyone to write down two simple words yet you could start telling them about themselves from their handwriting almost immediately – even complete strangers! How could you know so much with so little information?

With the book, flash cards and audiobook you’ll be learning from all angles. With the graphology analysis system outlined in this book designed to be learned in few days, you can be giving interesting handwriting readings in no time at all – people will think you’re a handwriting analysis expert!

No need for last minutes nerves – a quick look at your flash cards and you can top-up your new found knowledge in no time. Having the graphology meanings on flash cards makes studying much easier and you can quiz yourself on the go.

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Comes with a 47 PART AUDIOBOOK download – making learning even easier!

Cartomancy – Fortune Telling With Playing Cards is one of our best-selling books and for good reason; once you start giving playing card readings everybody wants one!

Giving readings with playing cards is extremely common, but it’s amazing how few people know how to give a good reading using a normal pack of playing cards. We all know that hearts means love and diamonds means wealth, but what about the scary suit of swords and what on earth do clubs signify?

In this book, jam packed with examples, you’ll learn how the suits interact with each other in ways you’d never even considered and learn how the numbers and face cards combine to allow you to give fun, informative readings with cards within only a few hours of study.  This isn’t just any old guide book – it’s a complete rundown of how