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“Great book. Fun material. Get it.”

Wayne Haarhaus

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What's It All About?

This book is a social toolkit for guys who like girls, to give them the confidence to banish uncomfortable pauses and missed opportunities with members of the opposite sex forever

Do you enjoy female company but sometimes find it difficult to strike up a conversation?

Are you going on a date but you’re a bit worried you’ll run out of things to say?

Or would you simply like to inject a little more fun into your social life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book could be for you.

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This book will teach you enough about Palmistry, Graphology and Numerology to get you into trouble. If you’re looking for an in-depth guide to giving readings then you’ve most certainly come to the wrong place; unlike some of my other books this particular book is more about kickstarting conversations with an emphasis on ‘talking the talk’ in social situations.

This may not be a reference work yet the source material is taken from my previous ‘Speed Learning’ series of books that cover each topic in more detail, so even though these pages are high in theory and low in fact, all the descriptions in this book adhere to the commonly accepted meanings for each topic. What is presented here is a light-hearted approach to the real-deal, simplified so you can concentrate on having fun instead of getting bogged down in the intricacies of each system. Think of these techniques like ‘get out of jail free’ cards; if you become trapped in an awkward social situation you can try one out and, more often than not, become unstuck almost immediately.

Why Write This Book?

Over the years I’ve realised that many young (and not so young) men have bought my books, not because they’d like to be a palmist, graphologist, numerologist or even a reader of cards, but because they’d simply like to have a few skills that could help them out in social situations. This book addresses the need for an overview that brings these things together in a playful way for people that, initially at least, are more interested in creating conversations than becoming a reader of anything in particular. Knowing a little about these skills can be great fun, and in the right circumstances with the right people can help create a considerable amount of memorable moments, laughter, and even new friends.

Keep it light, do it right, and with a bit of luck you’ll never be stuck for words again.

Learn to talk the talk and you’ll be doing most of the listening.


BONUS CHAPTER II – The Classic Reading

Something memorable


I have almost all of Julian's books. They are all filled with more information than you need to learn the subject advertised. This book is no different. Quick, concise, and fun to read, Julian knocks it out of the park. In the past, I would have relied on numerology, palms or the Rhine Cards. Just as with Bev's palm book saving me about 5 years of study, this book is just as good and also very interesting. If you're interested in cold reading at all–this will be the best 40 bucks you'll ever spend. Hope this helps. Oh–as a side note–his system could be applied to anything else you might want to memorize and make your own. I have never heard of his techniques before and I have studied a lot of memory techniques. It's so easy I will add this to my 'readings' repertoire.

Note: This book gets a lot of it's content from his other books, so if you have his other books you will notice definite similarities. I own two of his other books (Palmistry and Cold Reading, I think?), but this one is a good overall introduction to each practice, which is something useful without bogging you down with only one system. Now for the review:

Pros: I like this product quite a bit. It's more of a "use-now" to spark a conversation book rather than a book designed to make you an expert. Right off, he gives you advice in a "Things To Do" list like to create your backstory so if a curious person asks you "Where did you learn this from?" and he gives you a few examples of backstories for the structure that you should be looking for.

He constantly reminds the reader that the entire point of this book is not to make the reading the important thing, but to use the reading to segway into a real conversation topic by getting the readee to start talking about themselves. This is KEY as everybody LOVES talking about themselves.

For example, you notice she has long fingers. You mention this to her that you find it interesting because, people with long fingers typically are "creative-thinkers", and you can ask her about her job.

I also really like his witty personality and the way he uses the reading to tease the readee. Some of things he says actually make me chuckle. It's a great way to lighten the mood, especially on a first date that might not be going as well as you expected.

Cons: No real major ones.If you already own his other books you probably won't get the MOST value out of this, but it's a good beginner course on each subject to learn enough to "get you in trouble", but not be an expert palm reader.

Overall: This book is to be used as a great framework if you are running out of things to say or want to make an interesting impression. I wouldn't buy this book if you already know a lot about each of these subjects. Me, personally, I've been curious about them and this convenient, practical guide is great for quick reference and to sprinkle into your arsenal.

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