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“A great way to learn the art without plowing through the many books out there on the subject.”

Richard Osterlind

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With the graphology analysis system outlined in this book designed to be learned in few days, you can be giving interesting handwriting readings in no time at all – people will think you’re a handwriting analysis expert!

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A terrific graphology handwriting system to analyse anyone's written handwriting using only two words and ten letters!

Imagine you could ask anyone to write down two simple words yet you could start telling them about themselves from their handwriting almost immediately – even complete strangers! How could you know so much with so little information?

With the graphology handwriting analysis system outlined in this book designed to be learned in few days, you can be giving interesting handwriting readings in no time at all – people will think you’re a handwriting analysis expert!

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"Well worth the price tag for those who wish to use it."
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Here are some key features:

  • Can be learned over a weekend
  • Requires only two words to be written down
  • Can be done for two or more people at the same time
  • A great ice-breaker or conversation starter
  • Once you’ve learned it, it’s almost impossible to forget

With the book, flash cards and audiobook you’ll be learning from all angles. The book has many graphology handwriting examples, with a graphology test at the end of each section to make sure you’re making progress. The ten flash cards accompany the ten chapters in the graphology book and you can either print these off on to index cards or upload the PDF to your phone so you can swipe through the definitions no matter where you are. No need for last minutes nerves – a quick look at your flash cards and you can top-up your new found knowledge in no time. Having the graphology meanings on flash cards makes studying much easier and you can quiz yourself on the go.

Let’s take a look at the chapters in the book:


* A brief overview of the system and what to expect as you’re learning

1. G and P – Let’s Get Physical
* A fun way to look at the letter G and P in tandem
2. T and I – Let’s Play Golf
* The BEST way to learn, and explain, how these two letters work
3. W and M – Waves and Mountains
* An extremely visual way of remembering the letters W and M
4. O and E – Mouth and Ears
* If you can remember how to speak and listen, you can remember these meanings!
5. A and S – Cats and Birds
* Are you catty? Or more birdlike? A cool way to remember these letters.
6. Slants and Baselines
* How to learn, and remember what the rise and fall of words actually means
7. Style
* With the easy to learn acronym S.C.R.A.W.L. you’ll never forget what to look for!
8. Signature
* Of course you’ve got to have a signature too – and here’s what to do with it!
9. Putting It Into Practice
* A small section explaining how to put your knew found knowledge into practice
10. Taking Things Further
* How to look for other clues and signs and clues in people’s handwriting once you’ve learnt the basics
11. Analysis Samples
* FIVE real-world handwriting examples analysed using the system!

There are a few more small chapters to finish the book off, including a whole essay called ‘Contradictions Are Good For You’ which, if you’ve already read Palmistry – Palm Readings In Your Own Words, you’ll already be quite familiar with.

Everyone is interested in themselves, and by using the fun techniques in this unique graphology book you’ll find that sometimes you simply haven’t got the time to check out everybody’s handwriting! This book won’t turn you into a handwriting forensics expert, but it will provide you with a great social tool and could be the graphology handwriting analysis book you need to get started.


I have finished Julian's book on Graphology and highly recommend it. Julian has condensed a large amount of information on graphology into an easily memorized system and provided a presentation that is short, sweet, and can be done on the back of a business card. I like to explain how I am getting my information as I am doing the reading, and Julian's system is perfectly suited for this. In fact, it is so simple to explain that your subject will likely go away believing they have learned something valuable even in the unlikely event that most of your reading doesn't hit the mark -- so you really cannot lose.

Julian is a wonderful teacher. I've tried learning enough about graphology before to use as an adjunct to my mentalism performances but it never stuck. And I quickly became bored. With Julian's system once the info is in your head, it isn't easily leaving. And I found the whole process fun! Julian has set this up in a way that you get constant reinforcement for your efforts and just want to keep going.

As a long time graphologist, I've perused Julian's manuscript, and can attest that it is exactly as described. He's taken some of the real 'meat' of the subject and found a way to explain it clearly and simply - AND to do it in a wicked clever mnemonic sort of structure that makes it quite easy to remember. (And, therefore, easy to explain to others.) He's done a lot of hard mental work so that you won't have to! Well worth the price tag for those who wish to use it.

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