Graphology Tick Sheet Pro

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Welcome to the Graphology Tick Sheet Pro! Like the Speed Learn Palmistry Tick Sheet that so many use, the Graphology Tick Sheet helps you remember how to give a reading with many memory aids, and leaves your client with a souvenir of the occasion. With the original book and the tick sheet you’ll be giving entertaining graphology readings in no time.

The Graphology Tick Sheet also comes with an explanatory ebook showing how to use the sheet along with the original system. The tick sheet also gives you extra interesting things to discuss while you are doing the reading as explained in the ebook.

Whether you’ve done graphology readings before, or just want to add an air of polish to what you’re already doing, using the Graphology Tick Sheet it just couldn’t be any easier and you could be giving readings in a matter of days.

NOTE: You must be familiar with system detailed in the original graphology book to use the tick sheet. You cannot learn graphology from the Graphology Tick Sheet alone.


Make your graphology readings more colourful with our graphology tick sheet

Graphology readings can be a bit dry, so we thought we’d use the magpies from our Graphology system to liven up our tick sheet.

Gone is the drab monochrome of our original tick sheet. Our cheery new approach means that everyone will want to have their handwriting analysed and the colourful new theme won’t stop them from using it as a decoration on their mantelpiece, dressing table mirror or fridge!

We’ve always prided ourselves on the eye-catching nature of our palmistry tick sheet and now the Graphology Tick Sheet Pro is no different. With space on the tick sheet for your contact details, future clients will seek you out on the day or get in touch for a reading (or graphology party!) at a later date.

The Graphology Tick Sheet Pro follows the streamlined system outlined in Graphology The Art Of Handwriting Analysis. Using this tick sheet is a great way to get up to speed when you’re starting out. And you’ll never miss a thing, no matter how experience you are, after a day of readings.

Your purchase will also include the original monochrome graphology tick sheet at no extra cost.


You must be familiar with the system detailed in the original graphology book to use this tick sheet. You cannot learn to read palms from the Graphology Tick Sheet Pro alone.
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The New Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro

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