Graphology Tick Sheet PLUS Book Bundle

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Based on the work in ‘Speed Learning Graphology’, this is an easy to print out downloadable tick sheet in ‘greetings card’ format. Prints easily onto blank greetings cards which you can get at most stationers and arts and craft stores.

This product INCLUDES the original Speed Learning Graphology PDF worth $6.99 – saving of $4!

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It was always the intention to release a graphology tick sheet to run in tandem with the ‘Graphology – The Art Of Handwriting Analysis’ ebook and it’s now ready to rock!

Like the Speed Learn Palmistry Tick Sheet that so many use, the Graphology Tick Sheet helps you remember how to give a reading with many memory aids, and leaves your client with a souvenir of the occasion. With the original book and the tick sheet you’ll be giving entertaining graphology readings in no time.

The Graphology Tick Sheet also comes with an explanatory ebook showing how to use the sheet along with the original system. The tick sheet also gives you extra interesting things to discuss while you are doing the reading as explained in the ebook.

Whether you’ve done graphology readings before, or just want to add an air of polish to what you’re already doing, using the Graphology Tick Sheet it just couldn’t be any easier and you could be giving readings in a matter of days.

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