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A cold reading technique that will have you using the twelve lines of the classic reading in record time - in your own words!

Famous mind readers TV such as the mentalist Derren Brown have long known about the cold reading techniques as detailed in this book. By using Barnum Statements taken straight from the Forer Experiment of the 1950’s (nowadays known as the twelve lines of the Classic Reading), performers such as Derren can appear to know as much about a person they’ve only just met as someone who’s known them a lifetime.

Although this can be impressive the technique is of little practical use in the real world; the lines are vague and hard to remember, and simply coming out with these canned statements can sound a little strange. If you want to come across as a mind reader and not a person doing a magic trick you’ll have to do better than that!

The James Bond Cold Reading is an all in one memory aid and a visualisation tool, helping you remember the lines while elaborating on their concepts. From reading one loosely woven story in the form of a James Bond script you’ll quickly learn how to deliver the ideas behind the twelve stock lines of the classic reading in a natural and fluid sounding way.


"Folks, don't just read JBR. Get out there and use it."
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Bill Cushman
Mentalist & Creator

Imagine trying to memorise these twelve Forer Statements:

  • At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, and reserved.
  • You have a strong need for other people to like you and for them to admire you.
  • Disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside.
  • You have a tendency to be critical of yourself.
  • You pride yourself on being an independent thinker and do not accept others’ opinions without satisfactory proof.
  • You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others.
  • Your sexual adjustment has presented some problems for you.
  • While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them.
  • At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing.
  • You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations.
  • Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic.
  • You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage.

Pretty hard right? And how can you use these lines without sounding awkward? In The James Bond Cold Reading book, Julian Moore takes these twelve lines of the Classic Reading and shows you a novel cold reading technique that, by using the character of James Bond that we all know and love, can help you not only remember these twelve lines with ease but deliver them in a naturally convincing way, using each statement as a springboard for your own words and ideas.

These ‘character readings’ can be used as a standalone effect by simply telling people what you think makes them tick on the spot, or can be used to spice up other types of reading systems such palmistry, graphology, numerology, playing card (cartomancy) and tarot card readings; simply sprinkle a few classic reading lines into any type of reading when you’re feeling stuck for words or simply want to add a bit of interest. Using The James Bond Cold Reading it couldn’t be simpler; you need only think about the story supplied in the book and you’ll be able to deliver concepts based on the classic reading lines without missing a beat. It’s a cold reading technique that, once you’ve mastered, will stay with you for life.

Although Barnum Statements are just one technique in the plethora of cold reading tools and tricks of the trade available to the modern mentalist or mind reader, they shouldn’t be overlooked; as Derren Brown showed in one of his TV specials, the Forer Experiment works as well today as it did back in the fifties.

So forget about learning stock lines and never using them – using the proven methods in The James Bond Cold Reading book, you can learn to speak in you own words and amaze people by how much you know about them using one of the most overlooked tools of mentalism in a way that no one would ever suspect.

By bringing a modern slant to an old technique, Julian Moore proves once again that that the old ones are the best – if only we knew how to apply them. If you’re not a fan of ‘stock lines’ and think that learning them is a waste of time, the cold reading techniques described in this book could seriously change your mind! If there’s one cold reading book that can show you how to put cold reading into practice, it’s this one.

With a Foreward by Enrique Enriquez, author of The Invisible Series and member of Kenton Knepper’s S.E.C.R.E.T. school


I have tried many times to learn the stock lines of cold reading. I've tried memory techniques, linking, the peg system, and even with all that everything seemed a confusing, repetitive mess. Because of Julian's system, in two days, I have learned to give a cold reading forward, backward, inside out and in my own words. I feel comfortable enough that anyone at anytime could come up to me for a reading and I can just start wailing. In the past, I would have relied on numerology, palms or the Rhine Cards. Just as with Bev's palm book saving me about 5 years of study, this book is just as good and also very interesting. If you're interested in cold reading at all–this will be the best 40 bucks you'll ever spend. Hope this helps. Oh–as a side note–his system could be applied to anything else you might want to memorize and make your own. I have never heard of his techniques before and I have studied a lot of memory techniques. It's so easy I will add this to my 'readings' repertoire.

I just got through the "James Bond Cold Reading" by Julian Moore, and I have to say that it has a few things going for it over those tried-and-true "masters" that we all talk about – you know, Martin, Dewey, Webster, et al. Don't get me wrong: I have the Masters' books, and I believe that the thinking within them is undeniably brilliant. But the thing that Bev has done is taken the Classic Reading – which *isn't* out-of-date, as some would suggest – and applied a James Bond theme to its LEARNING (not to the reading itself, per se), to make the reading's customization so much easier. If you ever say anything that appears less-than honoring about the Masters you will receive much criticism from their respective camps. Suffice it to say that Julian's fresh thinking and his approach to easing the learning curve of things related to readings (be they cold reading, palm reading, or anything else) should garner a camp of his own…and I'll be first in line for entrance! It's ingenious, simple, and thought-inspiring, all at the same time! Buy this now, and start using it right away!

First palmistry, now general Forer-Barnum 101… this guy really amazes me.

I got Bev's book and it is wonderful! It is a great system for doing a reading and extremely practical. I applaud Bev and highly recommend this!

So I'm finally watching the new Casino Royale and lines from the James Bond Reading keep popping unbidden into my head. What makes this interesting is I hadn't really intended on learning the reading via James Bond but via a character I know more about. After Casino Royale, I found I knew most of the story as laid out by Julian and with an hour of brushing up, all of it. I find when the memory system is intuitive, I absorb at least half of the details, just reading about it. I followed Julian's suggestions to practice readings aloud, even to inanimate objects. After a bit of this, I tried the real deal. I've always noted parallels between readings and psychotherapy. This is actually one of the reasons I've stayed away from formal readings. But I had the opportunity to weave the JBCR into a mentalism effect (my Subliminal Square as published in PS 2) using body language and physical characteristics as my "oracle." I followed Julian's advice about riffing off of just one or two of the 12 main statements, encouraging dialog and enhancing cooperation. It worked like a charm. I've always loved this routine (of course I'm biased) but in the 1/2 dozen + times I've added the JBR, SS has taken on a whole new life.

This isn't something you can do mechanically, at least if you want to get maximum effect and responses. It is a matter of a give and take that is "entrancing" in its impact. The last two times I did SS with JBR were the best. I can't wait to see what more experience will bring.

Thank you Julian, you really have made a significant contribution. Your ability to simplify and teach is exceptional. I generally rely on my knowledge as a psychologist to add a bit of reading but it wasn’t anywhere as powerful as applying this system. Folks, don't just read JBR. Get out there and use it.

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