Numerology Lo Shu – Numbers Past And Present Book


Comes with ten downloadable flash cards to help you memorise the number meanings more easily!

In this book, Julian Moore brings together the ideas from the past and brings them right up to date with a fun, easy to remember system using an ancient divination technique

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Give fun and interesting number readings using the ancient power of the numerology Lo Shu Square!

Numerology readings, although interesting, can be somewhat lengthy, time-consuming and a little dry; it’s not that entertaining watching someone putting numbers into a calculator! Not only that, learning the actual meanings of the numbers themselves can be somewhat daunting; there may be only ten numbers, but it’s amazing how many people find it almost impossible to remember them!

In this book, Julian Moore brings together the ideas from the past and brings them right up to date with a fun, easy to remember system using an ancient divination technique known as the numerology Lo Shu Square that combines not only a person’s birth date but also their lucky numbers (those numbers that they have found to recur in their lives such as house numbers) and their most personal number of all; their mobile phone number!

By breaking the method down into easily remembered chunks you’ll be taught how to give three quick readings to each person using their birth date for the past, their lucky numbers for the present and the numbers of their mobile phone number for the future. This life path is something that people love to watch being explained, and the Lo-Shu square is different enough to hold people’s attention.

Not only that you get Julian’s unique ‘story’ take on the numbers one thru ten, allowing you to visualise the meaning of each number in the context of a narrative you’d be hard-pressed to forget – there really is no easier and more foolproof method of learning the meanings of the numbers and everything is explained clearly with memory hooks to speed up your progress.

Let’s take a look at the book chapters:


The Method

Drawing The Lo Shu Magic Square

The Reading

Grid One – Birthdate

The Arrows Of Pythagoras

The Arrow Columns

The Arrow Rows

Arrow Diagonals

The Arrows Of Pythagoras Recap

Arrow Examples

Grid And Arrow Exercises

Grid Two – Lucky numbers

Comparing Grids One And Two

Grid Three – Mobile phone number

Comparing The Arrows On All Three Grids

Three Grid Exercises

Number Meanings

Learning The Numbers
* 1 The Power Of One – I Stand Alone – Beginnings
* 2 Me And You – Two’s Company – Cooperation
* 3 We Create Life – Three’s a crowd – Expansion
* 4 We Make A Home – These four walls – Security
* 5 The Family Grows – Five alive – Activity
* 6 The Child Learns To Communicate – Six is social – Communication
* 7 The Child Asks Big Questions – Seventh heaven – Spirituality
* 8 The Child Is Inspired To Leave Home – Eight through the gate – Inspiration
* 9 He Makes A Difference – Plan Nine (From Outer Space) – Changes
* 10 He Becomes Successful – Ten out of ten – Success

1-3 : I Stand Alone / Two’s Company / Three’s A Crowd

4-7 : These Four Walls / Five Alive / Six Is social / 7th Heaven

8-10 : Eight Through The Gate / Plan Nine / Ten Out Of Ten

Of course, like all the books in the Speed Learning series there are exercises, questions and quizzes to make sure you’re learning everything you need to as you go. One of the most fun things you’ll learn very early on is how to create the original numerology Lo Shu Square which is actually a ‘magic square’ whose numbers add up to fifteen across every column, row and diagonal.

The whole system is geared towards giving entertaining, informal readings of about ten to fifteen minutes which gets you their phone number too – quite useful if you want to make new friends and influence people! You could even do more than one reading at a time if you prove too popular – and then text them more information for a later forecast.

So do yourself a favour, get the book and show people the power of the numerology Lo Shu Square!

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