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“This book actually teaches easily, speedily the essence of palmistry. Nice job. I’d recommend this to anyone starting out.”

Tom Jorgenson

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Using a ten-step flash card system that is fun to learn and easy to remember, Julian Moore shows you how to construct a palm reading from start to finish and teaches you how to give readings that are personal, informative and fun.

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Become a palm reader in less than 48 hours with this easy to learn system!

Unlike most palmistry books that talk very little about giving readings, the Palmistry Palm Reading In Your Own Words focuses on the realities of giving a palm reading to another person. Using a ten-step flash card system that is fun to learn and easy to remember, Julian Moore shows you how to construct a palm reading from start to finish and teaches you how to give readings that are personal, informative and fun.

The flash cards correspond with each chapter and are available to download as a PDF file once you register your copy of the book. You can print them onto index cards to keep in your back pocket for learning on the go, or upload them to your phone and swipe through them whenever you like – great for last minute revision before giving a real-life palm reading!

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"No hype...just plain good! You can't go wrong if you just DO what Julian describes. I've always shied away from palmistry because I thought the system was too complicated. Julian has changed all that. And, the memory cues are an added bonus. It just can't get any easier."
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Also included in the price is the entire audiobook, allowing you to learn by listening when you’re driving in the car, going for a walk or simply relaxing in bed. This three-pronged approach of learning from the book, flash cards and audio means you’ll know how to read your palm, and other people’s, faster than you ever thought possible!

Here’s a quick look at the ten steps and flash cards as outlined in the palmistry book:

  1. First Impressions One
  2. Hand Shape
  3. First Impressions Two
  4. The Thumb
  5. Finger Settings
  6. Finger Meanings
  7. Heart Line
  8. Head Line
  9. Life Line
  10. Minor Lines

This book isn’t called Palmistry Palm Reading In Your Own Words for nothing and in quite unlike any other palmistry book. Unlike many other cold reading books that force you to learn stock phrases, Palmistry Palm Reading In Your Own Words helps you memorise the palmistry lines and meanings in simple terms, but teaches you how to expand on these concepts and ideas in your own words. By encouraging you to find your own voice and helping you develop your skills as a communicator, this book shows you how to give real readings that connect with people.

There are practice and revision exercises after each section, and recap reminders and exercises after the first and last five flash cards. There are also three other sections that talk in general about giving readings; ‘The Ever Expanding Question’ shows you how you can practice giving readings out loud by asking yourself broader and broader questions, ‘Contradictions Are Good For You’, an essay on how to use the conflicting elements on a person’s palm to your advantage and ‘A Brief Interlude’, another essay that explains how you can answer the majority of a person’s questions without them having to even ask! There is no better palmistry book for those starting out on the road to giving entertaining and rewarding palm readings so get your copy of Palmistry Palm Reading In Your Own Words now!


Palmistry is a traditional art of divination which, in recent times, seems to have come back into vogue. Along with other traditional arts such as cartomany and tarot, palm reading has been dusted down and given a ‘New Age’ makeover. And, while it doesn’t qualify as ,magic or mentalism, it is nonetheless, an art which some magicians and mentalists may find useful to add to their repertoire. Put simply: many people like to have their fortunes told or their inner selves brought (gently) to the light by a skilful ‘reader’. You may soon find that you get asked to demonstrate your palm reading talents in addition to – or instead of – your mind reading ones!

Now, I must say that, up to now I have read very little on the subject of palmistry but, having read a great deal on the subjects of tarot and cartomancy, I can well believe Julian Moore’s assertion that most books on palm reading are “hard going”. That has certainly been my own experience with tarot. Most books seem to think that the learner will be prepared to study and memorise many densely-written pages of complicated meanings for each of the 78 cards in the deck before even starting to learn how to do a reading with them!

The ‘lifetime’s study’ approach is unlikely to appeal to professional of semi-professional performers who have been offered the opportunity of a palm (or tarot) reading spot this time next Tuesday. “Hang on a few years while I learn how to do it,” is probably not a reply guaranteed to get you repeat bookings…

Accordingly, this book is aimed at cutting through the waffle and getting straight to the core of the business. Or, as the author says, “This book and accompanying flash cards are designed for you to teach yourself the basics of palmistry as quickly as possible, structured so that with only a few cards memorized you can immediately start ‘giving readings’. By having very simple and memorable information from the start, practicing on others can begin almost immediately, and as practice is the only way to become adept at palmistry, this is important.

The flash cards are central to his teaching method. Provided in the form of a 20 page PDF document, these have named pictures on one side and lists of related information on the reverse. So, for example, card number 6 is entitled ‘Finger meanings’ and shows a diagram of a hand. On the reverse, a simple mnemonic is given to help you remember the names and meanings of each finger; other cards are devoted to the thumbs and the various lines that traverse the palm and fingers.

The main eBook guides the reader through the study of the flash cards. Once you have learnt the first five cards, you should know enough to try out a reading; then you can move onto study of the remaining cards in order to add depth to your interpretations.

There is more to this book than just learning a set of inflexible meanings, however. This is, in my view, is a flaw of some other ‘easy learn’ divination systems. They teach you a simple mnemonic which lets you rattle off a set of meanings in a fixed and inflexible order but they forget to teach you how to make the reading interesting and enjoyable for the client.

Palm readings – in your own words lives up to the second part of its title – “in your own words”. Much of the book is taken up with a discussion of how to use the knowledge of palm reading to construct an interesting and meaningful dialogue with the person whose palm is being read.

Overall this is an intelligent, well presented book which is well illustrated with useful tables and pictures to help the reader acquire the basic skills of palm reading in the minimum of time. For that reason, it can be strongly recommended to anyone who wants to learn to do palmistry ‘for real’ but has only a limited amount of free time in which to do so.

That said, the book does have its limitations. I personally would like to know something of the history of the subject – which civilization ‘invented’ palm reading, which notable historical figures have had their palms read and so on. This eBook avoids such digressions. Instead, it is a purely a nuts-and-bolts practical guide. I guess that once you’ve mastered this, you can buy one of the more discursive books on the topic as a source of more expansive information.

I have one other minor criticism. The Flash cards are formatted as complete pages which have to be printed out. The author’s suggestion that you carry these around in a pocket or handbag, initially seemed to me to be more a case of wishful thinking than practical advice. However, when I asked about this he informed me that the pages can be printed onto 4x6 index cards – something which I have not yet tried but shall do shortly.

If you haven’t got index cards, here’s a tip. With the aid of a neat little printing utility called FinePrint you can print two, four or eight cards onto a single sheet of A4 paper – either single sided or double sided. This can then be cut and/or folded.

In summary, while this book is not an ‘in depth’ account of palmistry – its history, mystery and lore - it does provide you with a well structured and highly practical study guide which will assist you to learn to read palms very speedily. Great value.

Incidentally, this is by the same author who wrote the excellent Post Justify – an E-Book guide to mentalism with Post-It Notes – which is another very worthwhile book to add to your collection.

No hype...just plain good! You can't go wrong if you just DO what Julian describes. I've always shied away from palmistry because I thought the system was too complicated. Julian has changed all that. And, the memory cues are an added bonus. It just can't get any easier. In the past, I would have relied on numerology, palms or the Rhine Cards. Just as with Bev's palm book saving me about 5 years of study, this book is just as good and also very interesting. If you're interested in cold reading at all–this will be the best 40 bucks you'll ever spend. Hope this helps. Oh–as a side note–his system could be applied to anything else you might want to memorize and make your own. I have never heard of his techniques before and I have studied a lot of memory techniques. It's so easy I will add this to my 'readings' repertoire.

After reading Julian's book, and going through the flash cards a couple of times, I have a practical knowledge of palm reading that I didn't have 48 hours ago. My progress is clear and tangible. Today, I was able to improvise a palm reading session with one of my regular clients, and it went very well. I'm excited! That's why I'm writing this review, hoping that some of you also take advantage of this beautiful tool that Julian is sharing with us. If you ever say anything that appears less-than honoring about the Masters you will receive much criticism from their respective camps. Suffice it to say that Julian's fresh thinking and his approach to easing the learning curve of things related to readings (be they cold reading, palm reading, or anything else) should garner a camp of his own…and I'll be first in line for entrance! It's ingenious, simple, and thought-inspiring, all at the same time! Buy this now, and start using it right away!

A very useful tool for both learning and reviewing palmistry basics. For learning you have taken the concept of flash cards and made the cue cards much more of a memory exercise; thereby, challenging the mind to create rather than just repeat. For the pro you have given some interesting slants on certain traits that add further dimension and depth to a reading. The cards provide an excellent review tool for all practicing palmists as it allows them to review traits and characteristics that may not appear commonly in their practice.

An excellently laid out summation of the essence of palmistry, designed to teach you as you go along. I can certainly see how one can get this today and start giving mini-readings tomorrow night. Better yet, learn it all easily in a week and give real readings and be able to answer questions. This book actually teaches easily, speedily the essence of palmistry. Nice job. I'd recommend this to anyone starting out in the field. Well worth the money.

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