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“I give this my highest recommendation. I needed to fill for a palm reader at a psychic fair. Now mind you I have never done Palm Reading before. I got the book in read it over 3 days before the fair and did some speed learning galore. I got the tick sheet which is GREAT. It served as a memory jogger.  Anyhow there has to be a first time for everything. After 3 days I went in to the fair as a palm reader. The public was very impressed with the tick sheets and thought that was a nice touch. So did the other readers there.

To make a long story short, I was able to convince the public I was a skilled palm reader with many years of experience. Everyone was commenting on how good I was and how accurate it was. All I did was follow the tick sheet directions and repeat the information back in my own words. True I was a little rough for the first time but overall the public was impressed and everyone was satisfied for the 20.00 fee they paid.

I put this system to the test and in 3 days I was able to pass as a professional palm reader. Normally I wouldn’t recommend going into public readings this fast but this was an emergency fill in situation and Julian’s books did the job in just 3 days.”

Devin Knight

Based on the work in ‘Palm Readings In Your Own Words’, this is an easy to print out tick sheet in ‘greetings card’ format. Prints easily onto card stock which you can get at most stationers and office supply stores.

You will receive two sets of high resolution PDF documents of the inside and outside of the tick sheet – one WITH background images and one WITHOUT background images. You will also receive a twenty page manual in PDF format explaining how to use the tick sheet.

NOTE: You must be familiar with system detailed in the original palmistry book to use the tick sheet. You cannot learn to read palms from the Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro alone.


Take your palmistry readings to the next level with this slick, colourful tick sheet

Tick sheets have been around for many years but the Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro has several advantages over most traditional tick sheets.

Firstly, it looks great. People enjoy watching as you fill out the tick sheet during readings and love showing them off to family and friends.

Secondly, they’re excellent at generating repeat business. With space on the tick sheet for your contact details, future clients will seek you out on the day or get in touch for a reading (or palmistry party!) at a later date.

Thirdly, the Palmisty Tick Sheet Pro is designed to stand proudly on a mantelpiece, kitchen top or bedside table alongside more traditional greetings cards. Simply print on to thick enough card stock and you’re ready to go. Or have them made up at your local printers; your choice.

And last but not least, the Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro follows the streamlined system outlined in Palmistry In Your Own Words. For beginners there’s no quicker way to learn than with the original book in conjunction with the tick sheet. And for professionals the tick sheet ensures you never miss a thing, even after a long day of giving palm readings.

Your purchase will also include the original monochrome palmistry tick sheet at no extra cost.


You must be familiar with the system detailed in the original palmistry book to use this tick sheet. You cannot learn to read palms from the Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro alone.
palmistry tick sheet held

The New Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro

Watermarks removed on purchase

The Original Palmistry Tick Sheet

Purchase includes files for the old monochrome tick sheet too!

"After a slow start, I finished up both days with people queueing for readings. When I had some free time I had a wander round the market and saw clients talking to other people and showing the Tick sheets. Just about everyone I saw being talked to came for a reading.
palmistry flash card 1
Andy Charlton


One of the best things about palm readings is their accessibility – everybody has a palm therefore you are ready to do extremely personal readings at a moments notice. However, giving palm readings alone will rarely encourage repeat business, as once the reading is over the client has nothing to remind them of what you said or what you showed them.

‘Tick sheets’ as they have come to be known are a memento of a reading. Designed for ease of use and as a gentle reminder for the reader of what to say and in what order, tick sheets have been used by many readers as a way of leaving the client something personal about the reading to take away. This serves to give the reading more perceived value, but also helps promote the services of the palmist beyond the scope of the reading.

If you give someone a tick sheet of their hand which also includes your name, number and other contact details, it stands to reason that you will be remembered long after the reading, and the friends of people you have given palm readings to will show their friends, and in this way repeat business for palm readings and other services you offer will be generated.

There have been many marketed tick sheets over the years for palmistry and other types of reading. Some simply print onto normal sized paper. Some are printed on the backs of business cards, which certainly ensures the clients keeping the cards! In looking at all of these however, I decided that there was a another option. I decided to create a tick sheet based around a greetings card.

Using a paper stock that is thick enough to stand up when folded yet is able to go through your printer is key. This is easy enough to do at home on an ad-hoc basis using your own printer and for thicker card you may want to get them printed professionally. Here in the UK I print them out onto A4 paper and fold them in half by hand, and once I’ve concluded a reading I put them in an attractive envelope of the appropriate size. Of course you can print them as big or as small as you like, and you may also want to print your details on the envelope itself. Your choice.

By simpling crossing and circling the tick sheet, a map of someones hand can be shown without the need for elaborate drawings or illegible writing.

The front of the card has the hand shape with various symbols and reminders and things to circle, cross and tick. The back has more details on the three main lines of the hand. The inside has another hand showing the minor lines, and also a quick reference to what some of the symbols mean. This means that long after you have filled in the tick sheet people can refer to it and remember what you said. It also has enough information on it so that should someone pick up the tick sheet and compare it to their own hand they could give themselves a mini reading. This is entirely intentional.

When you offer or are approached to give a palm reading, people are not expecting to be given something of value. When you produce a nice envelope with your logo and printed details on the outside, and produce the card from the inside with all its signs and symbols, people are immediately excited as you are giving them a gift!

Once you have taken them through the reading and filled in the details on the card, they will not only show their friends, but place the card in a prominent position in their home. Some people put them on their mantelpiece, some on their dresser. One thing is almost certain, the card will be put somewhere it will not be forgotten.

It will be commented on by their visitors. It will be picked up at parties and people will try and read their own hands from the information inside. And all this time your name and details are on display. Unlike other tick sheets it wont be left in a drawer or lost in a handbag. It will be looked after and treated with care.

And I promise you, when one person gets one of these, everybody wants one! They have proved to have an almost viral quality at events.

The system, of course, revolves around my ‘Palm Readings In Your Own Words’ book. If you have your flash cards from the Palm Readings book to hand, you can learn how to navigate around the tick sheet in no time at all.

There’s no easier way of remembering what to say whilst leaving your clients a beautiful memento they will want to show friends and family.

Includes 20 page manual with tips on printing, the tick sheets ‘zones’ and a step by step guide to giving readings using the tick sheet with the original system.

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I printed my tick sheets on a light yellow card stock, regular 8.5 x ll. I know Julian suggests getting those blank greeting cards with an envelope but there wasn't time to locate such cards and get them to the printer. With his sun design in the background the yellow card stock was quite fitting.

He is right giving someone the card adds value to the reading. It was something nobody else at the fair was really doing. Actually WITHOUT the tick sheet I may have had trouble pulling it off in 3 days with everything else I have going on. The tick sheet more or less tells you the trait. This is a great memory jogger and insured I remembered what each trait meant. Luckily the public didn't see thru this ruse.

Finally I cheated a bit, based on something Julian said in one of the books. I PUT THE FLASH CARDS ON THE TABLE so they only showed the front. The person didn't see the meaning on the back.

Now here is how I used this to aid my memory too. I explained to the people when they got a reading that I did maybe a hundred readings a day. I wanted to make sure I didn't forgot to cover one bases of their hand. I told them to insure they got my FULL reading and nothing was left out, that I had developed a system to insure that. I pointed to the cards in a pile and said we'd do this in a logical and scientific manner. We'd go thru these cards step by step.

So I'd glance at the first flash card on the table and cover that point. I'd move it to the other side when I was done with that part and mark the tick sheet. If my memory went blank on something, I'd pick up the flash card and hold it up in front of them while pointing to a line on it to illustrate my point. REALLY GETTING a quick glimpse of the traits on the back. The place the card on the other side. NOBODY realized there were clues on the back of the flash cards.

Julian's whole outfit just made me appear to be more VISUAL and Professional as I was using visual aids to help the client understand better about their palm. Other readers later kept commenting about how professsional I was with all these aids to help the client understand why their hand meant this instead of that.

The people I read for all said I was very good and they were impressed at how much effort I went to in order to help them better understand how the palm revealed their personality.

Little did they realize it was all a bluff and this stuff was just to jog my memory and get me thru an emergency situation as a fill in.

I can honestly say that without the TICK SHEET, I would have had a difficult time pulling this off. I am amazed how easy the system is.

Julian states the Tick aids as a memory and even suggested what I did. Put the flash cards out to aid if you have to.

All in All using all this stuff makes you stand out. Most readers or palm readers have a chair and say let me see you palm and go into a cold reading.

The cool thing about Juilian's system is that it doesn't matter if someone else is watching. You are not giving a stock reading. As each hand is unique and you put in your own words the traits, then each reading is unique.

You don't have to worry about using a stock reading that is the same for everyone.

Thanks again Julian for this wonderful system.

I've been doing palm readings for about 10 years, and have always found one of my biggest problems was how to do a short reading. I can do 20 minutes or more, but cutting it down to a short enough reading to satisfy a client and see 30 or 40 sitters over the course of an event was challenging. I bought Julian's ebook when it came out, and really found a lot of value in there, even though I consider myself an experienced reader. It helped me in some areas I've had difficulty with, and changed my perspective in a key area. I recommend it highly for anyone who does or is considering doing palm readings. The Tick Sheet, however, is even better. It is a great tool for any reader, whether novice or experienced. For me, it is a great way to cut to the chase and stay on schedule. I did a house party Saturday night, using the Tick Sheets for the first time. I was able to see 30 sitters in 2 1/2 hours- I attribute this in large part to following the system and not going off on tangents. The client was delighted, and each sitter got a nice souvenir of the event to take home, along with my contact info. If you are thinking about getting the system, stop thinking and order it today. Top notch stuff, priced WAY too low!

I have been interested in giving Readings of some sort for a while. My other half is a Tarot reader, which I'd looked at, but decided I should do something different. I thought Palm reading would be good for a few Reasons:-

A/ Just about everyone has a palm! Ideal for impromptu stuff, maybe in a quiet time in the bar etc.

B/ Being a magician, I often put things in people's hands, and that is an Ideal opportunity to introduce Readings.

C/ I'd dabbled a little bit in the past, and it's amazing how some people, mainly women, who claim to be "Totally Sceptical" about magic, are eager to have their Palms Read.

D/ I would have all sorts of problems with claiming Psychic Powers, but Palm Reading can be claimed to have a vaguely scientific basis. I feel much more comfortable with that.

I owned a couple of books, But found them either too lacking in detail, or having WAY too much detail for a beginner to take in and apply.

I read Huw Collingbourne's excellent review and decided to invest in in a copy. Initially, just the book, then later the tick sheets. This was much more what I needed.

The book is well laid out. Takes you in logical stages from the initial appearance of the hand, through hand and finger shapes and positions, through to Major and Minor lines. Each section links to a "Flash card" which you use as you read the book, but also can be carried round and referred to for practice anywhere, waiting at the doctors, on the bus etc. As you follow through the book, the focus all along, is on actually giving readings, with practice sections and revision ideas. This is to me, what makes this book stand out. I am convinced that anyone, if they put in the time to practice as laid out in the book, can learn to give satisfactory, (ie satisfying for the client,) readings.

However, It gets better. The Tick Sheets. These are greetings card sized sheets, that you fill in as you go along with the reading. For the Client, this is a fun and interesting reminder of the event. For the Reader, they have several benefits:-

A/ When starting out, they act as a reminder both to ensure that you hit all of the aspects of the reading, and also can be used as a reminder, (Hopefully subtely,) of meanings of lines etc.

B/ You print your own contact details on them, thereby giving an excellent way for people to contact you in the furure.

C/ It gives clients something to refer to as they talk to their friends about it. I was slightly sceptical about this, I wondered if they would just give each other readings off of it rather than come to me, but this was completely unfounded. See later.

Does it work?


Last weekend I did my first ever Reading gig at a local Indoor Christmas Market. We worked it for the last 2 years. Jean tarot, me walkabout magic. But this year I decided to take the plunge and work it as a Palm reader. With not much time after I decided, I put some seriouse practice time in, and went to work.

It went brilliantly. After a slow start, I finished up both days with people queueing for readings. When I had some free time I had a wander round the market and saw clients talking to other people and showing the Tick sheets. Just about everyone I saw being talked to came for a reading.

I would say this is a basic introduction to the art. I have a Richard Webster book on the art, which I used to give more background, and everytime I came up against something that I didn't know, and wasn't in Julian's book, I looked it up for future reference. Julian's book doesn't claim to be a real In-Depth study, but I was more comfortable having more info available.


If you want to give readings, whether for fun or profit, I can't imagine a better introduction to the art. As I said earlier anyone putting a bit of time in, can learn to give good readings in a very short time.

Highly recomended!

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