Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro


Based on the work in ‘Palm Readings In Your Own Words’, this is an easy to print out tick sheet in ‘greetings card’ format. Prints easily onto card stock which you can get at most stationers and office supply stores.

It’s a no-brainer: you’ll look more professional and never run out of things to say while leaving your clients a beautiful memento of their reading. If you charge even a small amount per reading the tick sheet will have paid for itself in a matter of minutes.

You will receive two sets of high resolution PDF documents of the inside and outside of the tick sheet – one WITH background images and one WITHOUT background images. You will also receive a twenty page manual in PDF format explaining how to use the tick sheet.

NOTE: You must be familiar with system detailed in the original palmistry book to use the tick sheet. You cannot learn to read palms from the Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro alone.



Based on the work in ‘Palm Readings In Your Own Words’, this is an easy to print out tick sheet in ‘greetings card’ format. The palmistry tick sheet prints easily onto blank card stock which you can get at most stationers and arts and craft stores.

As you read someone’s palm, you fill the details in on the palmistry tick sheet. When the reading is finished, they have something to remember the reading by which they will display at home. Unlike other palmistry tick sheets which are on normal paper this greeting card format ensures that the card will be treasured and placed in an area of importance and prominence!

Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro / Front – Back Cover

(Watermarks removed on purchase)

Not only that, the palmistry tick sheet/greetings card follows the exact method as outlined in ‘Palm Readings In Your Own Words’ and works as a memory aid so even at the end of a long day of readings you will be able to remember what to say and when to say it. By simpling crossing and circling the tick sheet, a map of someones hand can be shown without the need for complicated drawing or difficult writing. If you thought learning palm reading was easy with the original ebook and flash cards, having this tick sheet makes it even easier.

Having a beautiful palmistry tick sheet like this also attracts attention from a distance and believe me, when one person is given one of these, everyone wants one. Having these cards can easily add value to your readings, and people won’t mind paying for them! You are giving them something valuable to them at the end of the reading which they will show their friends. You can advertise your other services such as Tarot or Numerology readings on the card too – an ideal way to spread the word about yourself and your talents!

Palmistry Tick Sheet Pro / Inside Cover

(Watermarks removed on purchase)

Proven on the front lines by several top readers, this tick sheet can enable you to go from being someone who is forgotten to someone who is taken very seriously. Not only that, if you really want to give palm readings for profit as quickly as possible, then getting a copy of this tick sheet with the original book and flash cards means you’ll be up to speed quicker than ever!

The tick sheet also comes with another ebook explaining exactly how to conduct a reading using the tick sheet based on the work that has gone before. You can’t go wrong – it just doesn’t get any simpler, or more fun, than this.

a held version of the palmistry tick sheet

This is the old version of the tick sheet – quite a difference!

palmistry tick sheet held

Here’s the new version in the flesh!

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