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“Yes indeed this book delivers everything it claims.With just a little effort you will remember the essential essence of astrology and the nature of each individual star sign.”

Mike Fortune

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This book details a simple memory system that can teach anyone to recall the star sign for a given birth date. Not only that, it teaches a unique way to remember the character traits of each sign and their compatibility with one another.

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Do you find remembering the exact dates for the star signs a bit of a challenge?

Do you find yourself referring to your favourite star signs book more often than you’d like?


This book details a simple memory system that can teach anyone to recall the star sign for a given birth date. Not only that, it teaches a unique way to remember the character traits of each sign and their compatibility with one another.

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If you’re fed up being vague about star sign dates and meanings of the star signs instead of looking truly knowledgable then this book can help you learn this information once and for all. Never be caught out on a horoscope again!

+ Discover how you can quickly connect each month to each sign using your imagination alone

+ Find out how to become 87% accurate with star sign dates almost immediately

+ Learn a unique system to help you remember the meanings of each sign and their compatibility with others

+ Get up to 100% accurate in a matter of days or even hours

+ Includes 12 flash cards to help you study

+ Also includes audio exercises to help lock the system in place

If you’re a complete novice or dabbler, this system will give you a strong mental structure on which to build upon.

If you’re fairly well versed in star signs but still find the dates a problem, this book can help you too (as well as giving you some interesting food for thought.)

Seasoned professionals need not apply, this is a book for the rest of us so get our star signs book today!


I've needed this! I have been a psychic reader for a while now. I do professional readings with a variety of different tools (palms, tarot, handwriting, bones, etc.), but or some reason I have never been able to get the astrological star signs down. I've tried brute force, I've tried mnemonics, I've tried a lot of things and they never stick! You can imagine that this can even occasionally be a little bit embarrassing! ...but mostly I've just always wished I could learn them. I figured that someone MUST have created a simple mnemonic for memorizing the the sign names and dates and meanings (those last two where the kicker for me), but I certainly couldn't find it anywhere. Then I saw Julian Moore's new book! I knew this would be AMAZING because I have two other books by Julian Moore (one on palm reading and one on graphology) and have always been blown away by the quality of his work. I wasn't even remotely disappointed. In just a few days (and this because I really only had short spare minutes here and there) and I've got the signs, the dates, the meanings and the elemental correspondences. Yes it might take me all of 20 seconds with a couple tricky dates, but I've got them down and with a little practice that 20 seconds will be gone too! I can give the signs for a date, or the dates for a sign and talk for several minutes about a person...did I say this was AWESOME!!!!!!! There was ONE disappointment, and I'm not joking here, I seriously did not want this book to end. I guess I have to get all of his other books too.

If I could give this 50 stars, I would. In my opinion this is the best piece Julian has put out in the Speed Reading series. His writing is structured in a way that he connects the dots as each chapter progresses, making you remember EVERYTHING without having to really "memorize" material. This is a brilliant system for remembering stars signs… It doesn't just stop there either! Julian also goes into remembering respective traits for each sign, and their respective elements, and suggestions for applying this knowledge to readings, etc. I've read Julians work before, but this one turned me into a true fan!

Mr. Moore is an amazing teacher. He has taken this subject, the Zodiac, and broken down the names, dates and signs of the Zodiac and then devised and applied his methods to easily memorize ALL these items of information. The teaching is so good and smooth that you will know this material by the time you finish reading the book! Get this simple book and you will know these names, dates and signs for the rest of your life. Be kind to yourself, it's well worth the little money involved. Absolutely amazing.

This book knocks it out of the park again. If you want to learn to do readings, everyone says to learn a system. I have all of the books in the Speed Learning series, and I can tell you that there is no faster way to learn to do readings than with these books. Anything else you need comes naturally from following the instructions Julian gives you. 5 Stars, and pick up the rest of the series while you are at it. You won't be disappointed.

This is very effective yet simple system. Its been only 2 days with the Star sign book and I am extremely happy with it. I had been struggling to learn the star signs for quite sometime now, but in the last 2 days I can get star signs accurately by 87% (a brilliant technique btw). I have not yet finished the book but I couldn't help myself. I HAD to write this review... Kudos to Julian !!

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